Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaNoWriMo - Day 1

I finally started writing today. I was toying with an idea for the last two days (since I signed up) and was wondering if it was the right way to go. I thought of other options but I nothing struck me as worth writing a novel about. So after talking to Sandeep and Ratz, I decided to stick to my original plan and start writing already!

If I'd started writing on November 1, in order to reach the 50,000 word mark I would have had to write 1,667 words per day and I was already eight days behind. So I calculated and decided that to still be able to achieve my target I would have to write 2,272 words per day. Oh boy! Targets and plans!!!! I'm never good at them.

A little bit of a relief is knowing that NaNoWriMo is more about quantity and not quality. Also, the editing is supposed to be left for December. But as you all know, I have issues (that border on the lines of OCD - and I know there will be at least five people who will stand up and agree if asked.) I can't write beyond a point without going back and reading what I've already written, because I want to make sure I get my facts right before I proceed further and because I don't want to contradict myself. And I can't help rephrasing or adding sentences when I go back. It's a sickness, really.

Even so, on my first day I've managed to write a whooping - wait for it - 3,227 words. (almost one and a half times my set target) On. My. First. Day. Impressive huh??

And guess what, I also made a cover page for the novel. It looks a little creepy, but I'm working on a thriller, so it kind of makes sense. The best part though is that I had my own image that I could use as cover art! Isn't that great?? I didn't have to google anything and therefore, I don't have to worry about copyright issues. Too much for one day?? I think so! 

So I wanted to record my progress for the first day. And I guess I'm motivated enough to keep going for a few days more at least. Until then, I'm signing off. I really need to get some sleep. And oh, before I forget, here's the cover art for my book. :)

Who'd have thought that a picture I clicked almost two years ago would help me out here?? :D
P.S. I just noticed that I didn't go back and edit a single word on this post. Not that it requires any editing, but I guess I'll edit all November posts in December. ;)

- Nikita.