Tuesday, December 7, 2010

15 reasons why I looooove Winter

Finally after having wished for it day and night for over a month, our prayers have been answered. The untimely and uninvited rains have disappeared, and have taken with them the gross and sticky humidity that had been around for almost six months! Phew! What a relief!

The last few days, things have been pleasant and wonderful to say the least! Although I've always known and said it, I just want to make sure that it's clear. I just looooove winter. Here's 15 reasons why...

My hair automatically sets so well that I don't even have to use a blow dryer or a straightener. EVERYDAY is a good hair day. And yes, that's the TOP reason why I love winter, because I also love my hair.

I can tell the changes in weather by the way my hair is. No, I really can. 
In summer, my hair starts frizzing minutes after I've set it straight - that means there's humidity in the air. The more it curls and frizzes, the more the humidity. 
If I sweat and my hair is all wet and starts to curl just a little bit at the roots, it's more of the dry heat with a little humidity. And when my hair remains straight for three days after I've straightened (without touch ups,) now that means WINTER's here!!!!!!

I don't sweat, 'coz there's no heat or humidity in the air to make me sweat.

I can step out of the house anytime; even at 2 PM because the scorching heat has now transformed itself into a cool breeze. All. Through. The. Day. The summer that seemed to have vowed to never leave, has been given a cold shoulder by winter (pun intended!) 
Ha ha! Take that summer!

I look fresh even when I'm outside, in the SUN because of #3. :)

I can stay fresh for days without having a bath as long as I stay indoors. I have nothing against bathing actually. I have a bath everyday (I at least try to! :P) 
The important question here is 'why do we bathe?' Answer: To keep ourselves clean. 
So if I'm indoors and the weather is so chilly that I don't have a single bead of sweat, I'm as clean as I was when I bathed last! I can still bathe; I'm just saying that I can live a day or two without it!
But during summer?? Can't even think about not having a bath! No sir!

I get to snuggle under the blanket at night and sleep cosily. Gone are the days when I didn't even need a sheet over me because it was so damn hot! It's almost freezing these days (by Mumbai standards at least) that a thin sheet will no longer be sufficient. I need my thick blanket. I can foresee that I'm going to sleep well for the next month or two. And of course, since I love sleeping, winter gets another point. Ha ha!

I don't need the fan to be on full speed; just slow enough to have some moving air when I sleep. I haven't switched the fan on at all during the day for the last two days and it feels so wonderful because the sound of the air being cut is something I can live without. When I watch TV without the fan on, I can hear the dialogues clearer, the music is clearer, and that's another winning point for winter right there!

Since the weather is cool and so is everything else, I'm "Cool" too. ;) 
Oh! And so are you!

I can wear anything I want; anything, without bothering about the material or colour. And yes, that's definitely a consideration during summer and the rains. 
For instance, I try to not wear silk or any heavy clothes that'll make me sweat ten seconds after I've been exposed to the sun (or full sleeved dresses for that matter) and during the rains, I avoid white or light colours (for obvious reasons... One splash of muddy water and the thing is ruined!) or denims because they take ages to dry. 
But with winter, I can wear any material. And if I'm cold, I just have to add a layer, which I really don't mind!

It's way better than the rains with all the water in the puddles ruining my footwear and splashing all over the back of my clothes when I walk. Also, it's such a pain when I have to dress up and go somewhere... and it starts to rain. Ugh! I'm glad it's over for this year. (At least it looks like it! Fingers crossed! :D)

It's definitely better than summer!!!!!! Do I even need to list reasons why?? 'Coz everybody already knows that! Summer sucks, Winter wins... See, it goes perfectly. I knew I was right! ;)

I can travel anywhere, any time of the day without having to worry about ruining my hair, make-up, clothes and/or shoes. I know I already said that in #4 and #11 but that was 1 point against rains, and this one is 1 point for winter. Wait! Is that the same thing twice? Who cares! Winter rocks!!!

Not that I didn't do that already, but now I have a legitimate reason for wearing lip balm or gloss at home. Yes, I do that. I like to look nice when I look at myself in the mirror. I can be a drab queen whenever I want; it's just that I don't want to.

Winter has fourteen reasons to be awesome!! So it's the best and I love it!!