Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Current Obsession

I don't want to start talking about Gizmos because lately I've been obsessed with quite a few. My obsession started when Sandeep bought the iPod Touch 4 and I was awed with the technology. Till that moment, I was never a fan of Touch Screen gadgets because I felt that it was too easy to press the wrong button because all it required was 'a touch' and hello, you can't use a gadget without touching it.

But I was so wrong! With the iPod Touch, it's like the gadget knows what it is that you want to do. Enough about the iPod. I guess it's safe to say that since then I've had this desire to acquire the iPhone 4. Believe me, I started obsessing about it in October and I still haven't got it (or gotten over it for that matter) and I won't rest until I have it.

When I started doing research about the features of the iPhone, I also came across the iPad and I continued to be amazed. I am not one of those girls who doesn't get technology or how to use gadgets, but I couldn't believe I didn't know about these!!

Now, the iPod, iPad and the iPhone all have apps for e-Books. Then there's also Kindle (which I learned about through Booksneeze. They were doing a survey and wanted to know if their reviewers preferred to read books the traditional way or e-Books and the prize for the lucky draw was a Kindle 3.0)

In the past, I have read long narratives using MS Word on the computer but have found reading it on paper a lot easier. All the scrolling puts me off. But when I saw the app on the iPod, I sort of changed my mind about it (like I did about the whole touch screen thing.)

The whole experience is different and let's face it, we need the trees. With the iPhone the e-Book reader is a given and quite frankly, only because I've sort of tried it on the iPod Touch, I wouldn't mind switching to e-Books; although I love having books on my shelf. They have their own charm. So yeah, e-Book reader, why not???