Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa is a Mumbaikar

This is in the 'Top 5' section of today's Mumbai Mirror and I wanted to share it with you guys (especially my friends who aren't in Mumbai.) It's the perfect post for Christmas Eve. So enjoy!! :)

Theories why Santa's a Mumbaikar
[and according to Mumbai Mirror, it's apparently good news for Bal-T ;)]

1. He comes really late, after the children have slept.

2. He goes on a social visit once a year.

3. He has a large belly.

4. He insists on travelling in his personal vehicle despite the traffic.

5. He speaks Marathi. Tonight, try asking him "Tumhi Mumbaikar aahaat ka?" (Are you a Mumbaikar?) and he'll go 
{photo via weheartit}

("Ho" is yes in Marathi! :D)