Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who said to Whom

I'm not sure if the title is grammatically correct but we used to have this section in our language exams in school where we had to quote who said the statement, to whom and under what circumstances. My sister and I play this game where we quote dialogues from FRIENDS and ask one another to guess. It's really fun. It's also funny how my brother used this as a problem solving technique in real life. You'll see how.

Last Sunday night, I was at my grandparents' again and whenever I'm there my chacha (dad's younger brother) always ensures that he gets a nice champi (head massage) - for which I am very famous by the way. More than two people can vouch for that (and no, the list does not include my boyfriend.) Chacha even makes the whole thing easier for me by actually pouring oil in a cup for me. I just have to massage it onto his head.

Last weekend, my brother was in the mood for a massage too. I had just returned from a wedding and it was past midnight and he had school the next day, but he still wanted a massage.

"Pappa, let didi massage my head and I'll massage yours," my brother told my chacha knowing that it'll be really late if I were to massage both of them.

"I'll massage your head Rudransh," Ananya added to which he didn't agree.

"Rudransh, I'll give chacha a massage and then you can sit," I told him.

"Don't worry. I won't take much time. Even I have office tomorrow," my chacha said.

So while watching the repeat of Saturday's episode of Bigg Boss, I was massaging my chacha's head. For the first ten minutes or so, my brother didn't say anything. Then he started getting impatient. But he's not the kind who'd openly show his impatience.

Almost fifteen minutes after my chacha's massage had begun he says to me, "Didi. Tell me who said this to whom? 'I won't take much time for my massage.'" And he said it with such a straight face that it took about ten seconds for me to register that he was pointing at my uncle and not actually asking me a question from his English textbook. 

And my uncle; he just smiled wickedly and got up in about two more minutes after which my brother did get a nice massage. But I liked his approach. Not many fourteen year old boys can tell their fathers that they said they'd do something that they aren't doing without getting their asses kicked.