Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why I'll never buy an expensive painting

The blog has a new look... again! The last time you checked, you probably saw a mixture of brown, orange and yellow; blue and pinks before that; and an assorted range of varied colours before that. Point being, I keep changing the colour scheme of the blog and also the fonts for the post and gadget titles. I don't know much about  designing a web page, so I operate within my limits when I give the blog a makeover. Earlier, it used to be once in four or five months, but the frequency has increased of late. I think it was only November when I changed the colour scheme last.

Bah! But who cares? It's my blog, I get to do whatever I want with it! Right?

So anyway, as I was saying; I don't make these changes because I didn't like the old ones, no way! I loved each and everyone of the colour schemes and fonts that I've had up on my blog. But after a point I got tired of seeing the same old thing. (I have all the previous colour codes and HTML details of the previous layouts written in a book for 'future reference,' but I don't think I'm going to use any of the old ideas, primarily because I'm "inspired" to change the colour scheme, etc. when I see it on some other webpage, or in a picture.) Don't tell me you wouldn't feel bored if I'd had my very first layout (one of blogger's old templates) till now! Because I know you'd be lying.

When I visit a blog where I'm a regular, I know what kind of page I'm expecting. But it's a pleasant surprise when it's redone and it looks fresh. And I like it. I know it sounds like I'm the one that visits my own blog more often than you, but let me assure you, that's not the case. (All those 4,000 and odd visitors on the right do NOT include visits from my IP or my browser. But even then.)

At the back of my mind, when I think about writing a blog post, it's the page that comes into my mind and not this crappy editor. And I admit I get bored of looking at (or picturing) the same thing. So every now and then I change it.

The other day when I was deciding upon what colours to choose, etc. my chain of thought led to a weird realisation. I looked around my room (that has olive green, mustard yellow and off-white walls) and realised that I won't be able to live with the same colours for more than three (maximum five) years. Imagine having to buy the same coloured sheets, pillow covers and curtains! Where's the room to add different colours in your life???

But the walls can be painted once in three - four years, no? So that problem is solved right there!! But then I realised something else too. What if I was to spend a looot of money and buy a vintage painting? And then I got bored of looking at it??? :-o