Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 - An Overview

First of all, my apologies for such a late first post in the new year - much later than 99% of the bloggers out there. There were quite a few that blogged about their New Year's resolutions on the first day of the year, and here I am - 6 days late. So sorry for that. And Happy New Year!! :) (I think as long as it's still the first week in the New Year, it still counts.)

I am not going to talk about what I did on New Year's eve or make resolutions (wait. I might do that... the resolutions that is.) This post is a way for me to reflect on and analyse the year that went by and it may not be of any interest to you. Also, as of now I don't seem to be in a position to decide how long I'm going to go on. My past experience shows that it's safe to say that it's going to be reaaaallly long. So feel free to skip this; or read on. Whatever! It's up to you.

Reflecting on 2010
2009 was pretty much  about loads of 'downs' and a few 'ups' (major 'ups' at that!) but I survived and started 2010 with renewed enthusiasm and a positive outlook; and as they say 'Well begun is half done.' I managed to stay that way for most of the year. I must add that consciously making an effort to think happy really helped. Sure, I had my bad days, but overall, the year was a lot better than 2009. Definitely. No doubt about that.

I had no major resolutions for 2010, but (to quote from last year), I had said that...
So in the New year, I have no specific resolutions, except that even with the busiest schedules I won't compromise on giving time for two of the most important things for me; my beau and my blog!!! :D :D
Yes... I have managed both! (Surprisingly!) The beau... well, he has no complaints! (Sandeep, if you do, now would be the time to voice them. Fell free to use the comment form attached below this post. I really don't mind! :P)

As as far as blogging goes, I have managed 74 posts in 2010 (even with the lull from July to September) as compared to just 52 posts in 2009. So yeah. I'm pretty happy.

Time to see what 2010 was all about.

This year has led to a lot of discoveries. Mostly things about me that I didn't know myself; or knew but never realised. The way 2009 was the year of 'Firsts'; 2010 has been the year of 'Self Discovery.'

Let's start with a wonderful part of my life - Love. It has been over a year that we have been together, but 2010 was also our first 'calendar year' together. Although I am not going to analyse the relationship on this blog (I can hear someone breathe a sigh of relief) I would like to acknowledge that it has been a great year for us, together.

Like the first few months of every relationship, we had our 'honeymoon period' too. I was hyper excited about the entire thing right from the beginning (and I still am) because I liked him for over thirteen years before we finally got together. But knowing the kind of person he is, he has surprised me in more than just a few ways throughout the year. I have loved and been loved like never before. :)

Of course it wasn't rosy all the time, but then nothing is. Arguments/fights only bring two people closer and yes, it happened with us as well. As I was telling him yesterday, I have never experienced arguments like this before (with anyone for that matter) - without voices being raised, names being called and of course, without breaking-up being the first answer to every single issue. With him, even the arguments have been meaningful and we've both learnt something from them. And when I can't even remember when was the time we fought/argued last or what it was about, I guess that speaks volumes in itself.

Love-ly year, I must say. :)

I discovered I have borderline OCD
(again...I think it is borderline. Others, not so much.)

I always knew that I have my issues with things, in the sense that there is a certain way I want things to be done or a certain place where I want things to be kept. But never did it ever cross my mind until someone pointed  it out to me oh-so-graciously that I may have OCDish tendencies. (I have also talked about this when I talked about jinxes.)

I was at Jyothi's place one night and we were laying down mattresses on the floor for the both of us to sleep on and even though the two mattresses lay side by side, they were not properly aligned. I told them (Jyothi and Arun - her cousin who was also there) to let me align it before we covered it with a sheet and that's when Arun pointed it out to me. Something about me not being able to sleep well unless I set right.

Now I know it isn't that severe, but yes; he wasn't wrong except for the 'losing sleep' part.

For instance, one of the tube-lights and the fan in my bedroom, have two switches each, meaning they can be switched on or off from two separate points. While we're sleeping, only the fan keeps running. So every night, I ensure that the switch that's above Natasha's bed is the one that's "ON" and not the one near the bedroom door. I don't know what the reason behind it is, but that's when I feel 'okay' about the switch.

So maaaaaaybe, it's true.


I met the D-evil.
There was a time during the year when my new job sucked (but I got a great story out of it. :D) and I was at home again. My best friend was going away for five years and that put me off. That combined with the career decision I had to make took a toll on me. Although I was teaching, I stayed at home most of the time. Even when I was at home, I barely ventured out of my bedroom because my grandparents were living with us through August and September and the only source of their entertainment was TV (programs that I didn't want to watch - it's an extension of I hate TV serials.) So I didn't have a choice but to stay in my room if I wanted to read in peace or do anything for that matter. I got hooked to sitcoms that I had stored on my hard drive and stayed up late to watch them because I didn't get any TV time during the day.

Bottom line, I was as close to being depressed as I could be. My interaction with people in the house reduced, blogging wasn't that frequent (one post each in August and September,) my skin started breaking out, my hair fell even more and it seemed like I slept forever - 12-15 hours everyday. It was a disaster.

I snapped out of it because I didn't want to continue being that way. I was miserable. I didn't bother about combing my hair or looking nice or being prim and proper like I used to even when I was going to just be at home. And that shocked me. It was probably the first time I understood what being depressed feels like, and it scared me enough to not want to go back into it again. It was disturbing and a waste of time. I could have accomplished so much those few days.

Lesson learnt: Kick depression in the ass the minute it begins to set in. I don't look pretty when I'm depressed. (That's the Jackie from 'That 70s Show' in me, talking! :P)

I finally made a decision
Over the last two years I have been struggling with deciding about my career choice and in 2010 I made my final decision; the decision to be true to myself and do what my heart says. I decided to focus on writing and found out about NaNoWriMo only a little too late. By the time I joined and started writing, it was already November 10. I also had to think about the story. I know NaNoWriMo is about quantity and the editing has to be done later, but the aforementioned OCDish tendencies made me want to go back and read, make changes, re-read and make even more changes; so much that at the end of 30 days (technically only 22 for me) days my word count was a little over 10,000 whereas the target was 50,000.

But that did not deter me. I had gotten into it without thinking and absolutely no planning. It is my first time writing a book, so now that I have the time and there's no deadline, I thought I'd do it right.

NaNoWriMo gave me the much needed push and got me going. Over the last few weeks of 2010, I found various sites about writing and publishing (like The Creative Penn, Indie Reader) and I've been reading up on how to start a book systematically... right from the storyline, to character sketches, to the various scenes - it's all good now.

I plan to finish the first unedited draft by the end of January 2011 (if all goes well) or maximum by the second week of February. And then we'll see where it goes from there. :)

I actually enjoy drinking tea
While I was still in the studying phase, I could study better during the night and obviously caffeine intake becomes essential if you are up all night. I started of with coffee and then even ventured into having tea. I'll admit (once again) that until 2010 I didn't know how to make tea. But I learnt it (it's quite simple actually) and like many other things that I'm naturally good at, I make good tea. :)

I have noticed that regular tea drinking isn't good for me because later, if I don't have it, my head starts to ache. But then I enjoy tea and have it just the right amount because I don't need it everyday. I have it only when I feel like it. The only difference is that earlier when I was asked if I wanted tea, I ALWAYS declined; and now-a-days I answer with a 'Sure. Why not?' :)

I taught myself something new
The creative side of me was pretty much in the forefront in 2010. So much that I shopped at Hobby Ideas more than any apparel or stationery store! :P

I learnt how to Quill. Quilling is the art of rolling and shaping strips of paper to create decorative patterns and designs. I bought a starter kit that included the basic essentials and a small pamphlet - sort of a how-to book that had everything I needed to know. I started off with small shapes just for practice and then went on to create bigger pieces. I enjoyed it so much and I also created quite a few things out of it. And before I knew it, I could Quill. :) :)

Giving my feet some loveeeee
Okay. I'm not sure if that even made sense, but I was talking about dancing. Oh!!!! I've loved dancing all my life and I've been dancing since I was three. I was learning Bharata Natyam (a form of Indian Classical dance) when I was in school but then couldn't find much time to dance when I was in college.

But in 2010, I joined SDIPA (did the Beginner's course in January, Elementary in April and then the Hip-Hop sampler batch in August!) and danced away! I realised how much I missed dancing and that helped me a lot to get in better shape. And I've been told that I lost loaaaads of weight! (not that I ever had that much weight to lose loooaaads of it!) So there! Another reason why 2010 was awesome! :)

2010 wasn't all that good. There were days when I felt so much hate towards certain things and even certain people. But as of this moment I am past that. 2011 has changed most of that for me. And that too, in the first week itself and I am really happy about it. The things that happened in 2010 are things to learn from, mistakes to remember and not repeat in the future. So there is a silver lining to even the shittiest of things and I'm choosing to look at that more than the shit that it's covering.  That's what my objective during the year was. Focusing on the positives instead of worrying about the negativities in life.

In conclusion, it has already been a very long post. So my resolutions and other facts (like last year's) shall be a part of another post!!! :)

Quite a few of you all must be relieved that this post is finally over. :P
It's okay. I understand. You are allowed to feel that way.

And once again... 6 days later..
Happy New Year! I hope that 2011 is really great for everyone!