Saturday, January 29, 2011

I get it now...

You know how I am nocturnal and how much effort it takes for me to wake up at the break of dawn. Well, today I did do that; I was up at 7.05 AM really. Now of course I would like to mention that I had to be tricked into doing that, but it worked. You see, this sleeping till late and staying up late, even though tremendously enjoyable, was... 
a) not so good for my health in the long run and 
b) messing with my ability to work.

I am not going to delve into the reasons or the ways in which my ability to work (creatively) is getting messed up, but it's safe to say that it is.

So last night, I was bribed threatened bribed (by Sandeep, who else?) that if I was up by 7 (Check!) and I managed to write and complete at least four chapters of my novel, I shall be rewarded. BUT, if I didn't (finish at least four chapters that is) then I would have to do something. Now it's not something dirty, it's something people do very often. It's just that it's a little embarrassing for me. (A thousand Rupees to whoever manages to guess that!)

Enough said! I didn't want to do anything to embarrass myself. So starting with the waking up early, I've been trying to do things on time. But is it possible? No Sir!!

I thought that an early start to the day (I even had breakfast!! :D) would give me the required boost to work and I would be able to put my best efforts but something or the other keeps getting in the way. Till 10.30 there was so much commotion in the house; with my mother getting ready and leaving for work, and my sister getting ready to go for an audition, there was no peace at all. Other writers out there would agree with me when I say that you do need some amount of quiet to be able to think clearly and organise your thoughts before you put them on paper; or at least uninterrupted time to correct the unorganised and haphazard thoughts put on paper.

Once my mother and sister were out of the house, I was glad really because I didn't have anything to bother about. It was just me, the computer and the house. But then I forgot about two major things - the phone and the doorbell.

I thought that the doorbell, which I feel sometimes rings itself, was for convenience but it has effortlessly succeeded in making my temper rise ever so easily quite a few times. Today, it rung twice in a span of two minutes. It was the garbage guy. First, to take the trash; and when I was comfortably settled in front of my computer to start typing again (hands washed and all) the bell rang again. Apparently the entrance of the building  was a little dirty (paan stains and (can you believe it?) some kid pissed yesterday) and he needed a bucket of water to clean it. So I lost another ten minutes there.

Then it was my cell phone which has been beeping every thirty seconds because my friend Amit has been sending messages to everyone in the group trying to make plans to watch 127 Hours, asking who is free when. Not only that, he is also letting us know others' status. It's fun for him because it's Saturday and he's not working today, but hello!!! I have only thirteen hours (only twelve hours left now) before midnight and I have a target to meet. And what about the lecture I have in less than two hours? How do I accommodate that and still reach my target and thereby avoid embarrassing myself?? Of course, he doesn't know that so you can't blame him!!! But still!

I also have to make time for lunch, and travelling and gosh, somewhere in between I would need a BREAK! That's when I wished from all my heart I lived somewhere inaccessible; and that's when I understood the need some writers feel for seclusion and maybe even solitary confinement. It really would save so much trouble. Because in normal life, no matter how hard you try, there's going to be someone who rings your doorbell (either to ask for something: monthly dues, the trash, the laundry, to borrow something, charity!!! or give you something: the laundry, groceries, your bills, someone else's bills, deliveries, others' deliveries, etc. Oh, and how did I manage to leave out the "Just for fun" ringing of the doorbell) or calls (or send you a message) on the phone. There's simply no escape!!!!

So I get it now. If I have a target to meet, systematically planning the entire day, waking up on time, starting work early won't do much if there's someone ringing the doorbell every few minutes. I may have to run to the Himalayas, or a nice sunny beach! And no one will ever know where I am, lest they ring the doorbell even there!!!!

P.S. Sandeep, if I am unable to reach my target, you know why! :P
P.P.S. Surprisingly, I managed to write this without any interruption. Damn! I wish I had written my novel instead.