Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I think someone just "Burn"ed themselves..

So remember I just mentioned my our addiction to That 70s Show and how Natasha and I totally LOVE IT??? And how we love the 'Burn!!!'s??? Yeah.. Well, my sister just 'Burn'ed herself. Here's how..

Just about a few minutes ago as we were listening to music and doing our evening chores (read: me - singing along; and she - folding the clothes :P) 'Teri Yaad' by Jal was the song playing (I created the playlist, obviously.) Now I don't LOVE that song, but I like it. It's very soothing. But it wasn't in line with the mood that the other Rock and Hip-Hop songs on the playlist created. And of course Natasha HATED it. But I had decided that I wouldn't skip even a single song in the 24 song playlist (that's the maximum my DVD player allows me to create.) We even listened to 'Stairway to Heaven' by Led Zepplin entirely and I gotta say, that wasn't as 'Rock'y or 'Hip-Hop'y either. But just because Natasha wanted to listen to it, I did. So I think she owed 'Teri Yaad' to me.

Ten seconds into the song and she asked me to skip it. When I declined she tried something else.

"I think something's smelling. What is it??? Oh, wait! It's the song!!!!" and she gave a smirk.

"Are you crazy?? You don't 'smell' a song.. You 'hear' it!! Something's wrong with your senses.. You're not "in them"!!!" 

Yeah. That was me. I came up with THAT. :) :)

"Burrrrnnnn!!!!" she screamed.

Yup. She just "Burrrrnnnn!!!!"ed herself. :D :D :D 

Silly girl!