Monday, February 28, 2011

Blogging on the go... for February's sake!

It's the last day of February and I can't believe I haven't blogged at all. Actually when I think about how hectic the entire month has been in terms of targets and events, I'm not that surprised. I'm not sure if I have the time to give you a detailed recap of the entire month, but I sure can make a list; that seems fine.

1. I had set February as the target for the completion of the unedited draft of my book (the one that I had started writing in November for NaNoWriMo. Remember?) so the first few days (3 to be exact) I was working on that.

2. Then I realized that sitting in the dingy old room in front of my ancient desktop computer wasn't doing much for my creativity. In fact the memories from days nights of sitting there trying to make sense of my books made it all the more depressing. I needed to get out of there and work, but then since I was about to make a very expensive purchase (refer #3) I didn't want to spend money on a laptop. So to be able to sit and type anywhere I wanted without spending much; I bought a typewriter.

My Typewriter.. Please ignore the dust and crap that's all around it!
It kept me busy for the next few days till another distraction came along. But during those days I did manage to type out 16 pages worth of matter - almost two chapters :)

{I understand that even though a typewriter meant lesser money, I'd be using a lot of paper, but then this is how I plan to be environment friendly - a) I have a lot of notebooks where the last few pages are unused. In fact most of the books are half empty. So I can use the pages from that. b) I also have some unused old ruled sheets leftover from those that I bought for some submissions. :D because frankly, who cares about whether the paper is new or old. I just need something to put my ideas on, to create something like a rough draft. The final version will obviously be on the computer!}

3. Then came the "distraction" that I was talking about which is also the expensive purchase I mentioned above; the "iRony" of my life. If that wasn't clear enough, let me spell it out for you. 
I bought the iPhone 4. 
Yes, the one I had been obsessing about since October last year. My friend Omkar got it for me from Australia!!! :D :D

I call it the "iRony" because well, the "i" is small because that's how the "iPhone" is spelt, and "irony" because on one hand I've purchased a gadget that is almost redundant these days and on the other hand, I have the most recent awesome gadget to work with!

Once the iPhone and I met, of course the next few days, I was busy checking the awesome features of the phone out, downloading and using apps, etc. (not to mention the time I spent in the end of January preparing for my iPhone by downloading iTunes and the apps that I thought I'd need!)

4. Pretty soon it was time for Valentine's Day and I was busy preparing for that. By preparing I mean making a nice card for him; and maybe getting my eyebrows done or something :P

5. Then came Sandeep's 25th birthday. He didn't make a big deal out of it; obviously. But I couldn't just let the day go by. Immediately after Valentines Day I started planning for his birthday. Nothing elaborate like throwing him a surprise party (and that was mostly because he had clearly mentioned that he didn't want one. I know when to take him seriously and when to just ignore what he says and this wasn't something I could ignore.)

So I did what I'm best at; I decided to do cards. Not just one but 25 - one for each year of his life. Aaaannd... Each card had a message from people he has met and known through the years and are important to him. I got in touch with his family, then there was our own group of school friends (which you would think would have been the easiest, but you wouldn't believe the amount of pestering, cajoling and follow ups I've had to do with our people.) I also got messages from his college friends, a few other friends and also his boss (who happens to be my friend too.. So it wasn't that tricky.)

The important thing here is that I was lagging behind because I had to make 25 cards and that's not an easy thing especially when you're making them from scratch and decorating them to reflect the person/ality of the person whose message it contains. By the end of it I was awake for 34 hours straight - from Wednesday afternoon (thank God I wake up late) till 2 AM on Friday, just so I could finish the cards on time. I didn't, but I managed to make most of them and pass the messages on. Of course there'll be a blog post dedicated to just the cards! :)

So since the last few days, I've been trying to catch up on my sleep since then (I could use any reason to sleep, you know?)

6. Somewhere in between, one Saturday evening I also watched a play - "Hamlet - The Clown Prince" at Prithvi Theatre and I absolutely loved it. I would love to dedicate another post for it; rather just for an incident that happened during the play and I'll try my best to do that.

Well that's what I'd been up to the entire last month. I hope to get back to the blogging-all-the-time mode in March ;)

- Nikita

Blogged from my iPhone (rather, typed most of it out when I was in the train; on my iPhone.)
Okay, I'm done bragging now! :P