Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An ode to the Indian Burger

I'm sure you all know what cravings are like, and that the only way to get rid of the nagging feeling is to actually get what you're craving for ASAP! I had this craving yesterday for a vada pav. For my international readers (and if I'm talking vada pav here, that includes those even outside of Maharashtra) Vada Pav is the Indain burger. It's a spicy potato patty with a covering of chickpea dough (the dough also known as Bengal gram, or more popularly as Besan) - which is the Vada; held between a soft bun like bread - Pav. Hence, Vada Pav.

This is what it looks like...
Anyway, yesterday, once I was back from class, I asked my sister if she would come along so that I could have at least one. Also, we would get a chance to go for a ride. She declined saying that she was bored. I even tried to bribe her by saying that I would take her to Baker's Treat for a Blueberry Cheesecake (that we both totally dig, by the way. I'm sure the guys there know us as the 'Blueberry Cheesecake' girls. The thing is, their cheesecake is so awesome, that it's sold within an hour of it being ready, and they don't make it everyday. So you have to be sure that you're there just as it is ready to be able to even buy it. So every time we feel like having cheesecake, we call around 4 to check if they've made cheesecake and if it's ready. We've called there so many times that they probably recognize us the minute we ask for cheesecake!) but she declined even that offer saying that it would lower the awesomeness of the cheesecake if we have it for every single occassion (the occassion being - I want to eat Cheesecake.)

I ended up making Ching's instant Schezwan noodles. Although it was lip-smacking delicious (it had to be with all the pepper-garlic powder and hot&sweet sauce that I added!) it still didn't do it for me, because I wanted vada pav.

So on my way back from classes today, I didn't come home directly. I took a detour to a little stall off the street near the Vodafone store in Sea Woods to have it. If my sister wasn't going to accompany me, I'd go alone! Who needed her anyway, huh? :P

Once I reached the stall and I could smell the aroma of the potatoes and onions and the deliciously pungent chutney, it didn't matter anymore that I hadn't been able to satiate my craving the previous day; it didn't matter that I had spent the last two hours trying to get an almost out of control class, in control; it didn't matter that I missed the green signal at the Nerul junction of the Palm Beach road by 2 seconds because some idiot in a car couldn't see twenty feet ahead that the signal was green and there were still fifteen seconds to go but still decided to drive like a tortoise in the middle lane of a three lane highway, not allowing me to comfortably overtake him without hitting (or getting hit) by any of the faster cars that were driving in the right lane (pun intended); it didn't matter that I had almost had my brains chewed out for thirty minutes after my class in solving the doubts (yes, multiple doubts) of one student; it didn't matter that in a few minutes, when I would've eaten the vada pav, the anticipation, the craving, would all be over.

I didn't eat it right then. I asked for it to be packed and put it in my bag and immediately started out for home. For a minute, I wanted to take the longer route; the one that I always take when I'm on that side of Nerul/ Sea Woods - through the Mumbai Pune Highway, on to the beginning of the Palm Beach road at Belapur, right up till Nerul, that ensures fifteen minutes of an awesome ride.

But that would mean that the vada pav would be cold by the time I reached home. So I took the normal route home and reached in five minutes. I switched the TV on and turned the channel to Cartoon Network. It was 6.50 in the evening and 'Chooha Billi Chor Police' was on. I gorged on my evening snack while watching 'Tom & Jerry.' Ah! The Bliss!!!

P.S. Those of you living outisde Mumbai/India... (I mean Jay, Jyothi, Omkar and Madhu...) if you're reading this, I'm sure you'll be missingit like crazy. Let me know if I can be of any help. I wouldn't mind eating one (each) on your behalf, at all!!!! :P

- Nikita.