Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yes Woman

I am at a crossroads in life, at a point where I have to choose. At this moment I feel a choice between this or that would've been easier than saying yes or no; which could be the difference between welcoming an opportunity or closing the door on its face. Either way, whatever the type of choice, I still have to decide, weigh the pros and cons and make a conscious, adult decision; an important decision. It's something I can't get out of without cursing myself for the rest of my life that I didn't even give it a chance.

Never have I ever given such serious thought to anything else in my life. Never have I ever actually sat down to take a few days to think about something before making a decision. I always went with my gut, or with the advice I received from others. Back then, I probably thought that I did what needed to be done before deciding. But "analyzing a situation" has a totally different meaning to me today.

A week ago, I was happy (and if I may add; content) with how my life was moving along. But then I was presented with this opportunity and it's up to me whether I want to tap on it, or not.

As if it wasn't hard enough for me already, the Universe decided to give me a sign through a movie (this time on HBO instead of Star Movies - I don't know why that's important) like it has, once before and we all know how much I believe in superstitions and how much I'm affected by signs.

I was supposed to meet this gentleman in the evening on Monday to discuss this opportunity. Monday afternoon, as I was switching channels on TV during lunch, I was trying to find something funny for us to watch. We saw Jim Carrey on HBO and were sure that that meant it would be a funny movie. I don't know if it was funny, because that's not the part I was focussing on. What I do know, is that it was inspiring and eye-opening.

Carl (Jim's character in the movie) has stopped living since his divorce three years ago and makes excuses to get out of doing anything other than his routine mundane stuff. One day a man asks him to attend a seminar called 'Yes Man' (also the name of the movie.) He doesn't give much thought to it, but decides to go at the last minute.

The speaker talks about how by saying "no" we never give chance to life because we're saying no to opportunities; and how by saying "yes" we open a window that will change the path of our lives. Everyone who believes in the truth of the theory is a "Yes Man." So Carl does say "yes" to a lot of things he had said "no" to previously and his life becomes fun.

And this got me thinking. Here I am presented with an opportunity; one that I did not go looking for, and on that very day I see something that tells me that I shouldn't be saying "no" to this; that I should at least give it a try and see what direction my life takes after that. Obviously I wasn't going to make a snap decision just because a movie said so. But the sign from the Universe made me more inclined towards saying "yes." And as it turned out, the few reservations that I had about saying "no" could be worked around, easily, without disturbing anything that's already going on in my life.

So in all probability I just might welcome this opportunity; become a "Yes Woman." How good or bad the decision would be; only time will tell.

- Nikita.