Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's not us, it's physics.

If you think everything that happens in your life is fate, I'm sure this will make you believe otherwise. Fate does have a role to play, a huge one; but it has got to play by a few rules and sooner or later you figure out what those rules are. You could wish you'd known about the rules sooner, or you could feel you were better off not knowing. It's totally up to you. And what fate plans for you, while playing by the rules.

It took me eleven years to figure out something that affected the biggest part of my life. And when I did realise, all I could think was, How could I not see it? It was right there all along. Undisputed, and proven right time and again. It was Physics after all.

It was academic year 1999-2000 (8th standard) and we were learning magnetism and it's laws; how two opposite poles get attracted to each other and how two like poles repel each other. But little did I know that I would understand the complete power of these laws years later. At that time, more than the laws themselves, what struck me most were the two alphabets written on the bar magnet - N and S.

Now I knew 'N' stood for North and 'S' stood for South; but madly in love (yes, even then!!!) that I was, it was all I could do to not think that 'N' and 'S' stood for Nikita and Sandeep. And it felt great to think that someone who didn't even know how I felt, a higher power maybe, knew that the both of us had to be put together somewhere I would expect it the least, and  then (obviously) make my day, my year!! 

I know a lot of you are probably going to think that I wasted my time in school thinking about a boy, when all I should have been doing was listening to my teacher, whereas a few others could care less about what I did in school (I like you guys better) but it didn't matter then and it doesn't matter now. School was pretty great, for a lot of reasons; being able to meet Sandeep and understanding how the Universe works are just a few of them.

I guess what I'm saying is that I've; we both have been able to test both these laws of magnetism practically and I swear they're as applicable to humans as they are to magnets.

Many many zillion years ago, when both of us weren't a couple, we were kind of seeing other people. I was seeing someone whose name started with 'N' and he, a girl whose name started with an 'S.'  You don't have to be a genius to know that it didn't work out. But it never occurred to me that it wasn't anyone's fault that it didn't work out. It's what the Universe wanted.

Just as the opposite poles got attracted, the like poles repelled each other with such force that no one could do anything about it! That's the ultimate truth. 

That's the reason we finally ended up together - Physics. Not because he finally fell in love with me. Well, he did. But we all know who made him. Hah!