Sunday, July 3, 2011

Difficult Question, my ass!

I think I'm back to the writing-at-3-AM phase again. Not that I didn't have time to write before. I had close 4 hours to sit on this but I chose to utilise my  time watching re-runs of the third season of Castle (that I had completely missed this past week.) Now that the three episodes that they showed back-to-back are over, I think I can get some work done here.

So Sandeep and I were at KFC yesterday evening; he had his hot wings and I was munching on some fries and a veg Zinger. It was after he had almost chewed on the bones that I saw the look of pure satisfaction on his face and gave him a look in return while shaking my head.

"Dude!! Irresistible!!" he said.

"Hmm.. What's more irresistible? Me or this?"

"Both, you and this!"

"Dude, you have to pick one!"

"That's a difficult question!"

"No it's not!! If someone asked me to pick between you and food, I would pick you!"

"That's 'coz you don't eat chicken."

"This is soooo going on the blog!"

And this is verbatim; well 99%.