Thursday, December 29, 2011

One {more} for 2011

I am pretty sure I am not going to be able to write just before the end of the year and every time I start the computer, there always seems something better to do than write. So I'm writing on my phone using the cool Blogger app that google released a few months ago for iOS users. Oh wait, I remember the app being there even before that, but they recently made it free and thats why I have it.

Anyway, there's too much on my platter now. Since I've kicked the CA course on it's behind, I have taken up a lot more than I can handle, like writing a novel, signing up for a creative writing course, making cards and of course, still continue teaching.

These things take up so much of my time that I need to book my calendar to even watch TV. But it's no one's fault because I love doing these things so much (especially the 'making cards' part) that I really lose track of time. I can't tell you how many times I've started making cards around ten in the night and then looked at the clock to see that it's seven in the morning. Actually, I can tell you. Twice; it has happened twice. But time passes just as quickly when I'm making cards during the day. So yeah.

As I was saying, these awesome activities (that include reading the blogs of the super awesome people that I follow) leave me with absolutely no time to write because let's face it, any free time I have left I'd rather utilise in sleeping away to glory, and why shouldn't I when curling up under the blanket in this chilly weather seems like the perfect thing to do?

I also just realised that I've started writing these extra long sentences that seem to go on forever. I remember doing that when I used to write regularly. Looks like I'm getting my blogging mojo back. I had to seriously cut down on my rambling when I was doing NaNoWriMo but I don't have to do that now.

During all this the only thing that has been lacking is regular blogging and reading. I feel sad just thinking about how little I've read this year. It maybe because last year I didn't make a resolution about blogging regularly like I did the year before. I think I'll have to make a resolution in 2012 to ensure that I blog regularly. I also think that being able to do that wherever I want because I can do it from my phone is only going to make it easier. So I'm happy about that.

After having written this much I want to say that this post really isn't about anything in particular. This is just so that I can have one more blogpost to my credit for 2011.

So, sorry if I wasted your time. In return you can waste mine by giving me a link to one of your lousy posts. It's totally optional though.